Here’s how it works: we have drivers and vehicles, you need a ryde. Call our main number and we’ll coordinate pickup. It’s that simple.

(843) 779-7524

Why do we need apps when a phone call is just as easy. Remember the old days (lol) when people just called their friend for a ryde to work, a restaurant, the bar, airport, pickup their car from the shop, etc?

Well we’ve come full circle.

The apps end up charging you too much and paying the drivers too little. Time to get back to when things made sense. Just call or text your friend for a ryde.

We accept cash, Paypal, Apple Pay, CashApp, Google Pay, Zelle, or whatever your preferred payment method is. Guaranteed to be cheaper than the cabs and apps. Give us a try.

Local - Airport - Affordable

Friendly - Safe - Reliable